If you haven't broken the rules, have you really lived?

In this action/adventure romance, My Merlin picks up where King Arthur left off. Fast-forward a thousand years or so.

In a blend of Arthurian and Greek mythology, My Merlin Awakening, Book 2 of the My Merlin Series, Excalibur has been pulled from the stone, but what does it really mean?  Tell Me More...

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My Merlin Awakening

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From Boston to Athens. Wizards, Gargoyles, and Mermaids.

Concord, Massachusetts

Pilgrims. Salem Witch Trials. The House of Seven Gables. Ghosts. High School. And Home.

Athens, Greece

Birthplace of democracy. A golden age of arts and sciences. The Parthenon. Gargoyles. And Dance Clubs. Fought over by the Greek gods, Athena and Poseidon, we find that Athens still holds the key to ultimate knowledge.


Fira, the Island of Santorini, Greece

The ruins of the city of Akrotori. An ancient civilization destoyed by the biggest volcanic eruption of ancient times—Thera. Here lies a deep and deadly secret long ago guarded jealously by the sea... as we follow the trail of the Fisher King.